Our Story


“Let’s get Nostalgic.”

With 31 years of existence in the world of tea, ‘Pramila International’ illuminated under the pioneer ship of Mr. Prateek Dugar who has managed to bring an insider knowledge of the Indian tea industry to the world. It was in the year 1976 when the seeds of Pramila International was sown. Mr. Kanak Lal Dugar, started Garden Stores & Chemicals ( now a unit of GCS Global Private Limited); a company that specialises in catering to the requirements of the tea industry by supplying them Tea Garden fertilizers and Tea Processing machineries –all the inputs required to make a good cup of tea.

Over the last 30 years, this has helped cement a strong relationship with major tea producing estates and a deep understanding of the Tea industry. This knowledge of the Indian tea industry, market and players has helped Pramila International to be a leading exporter of Indian teas.

One would wonder how to accelerate Innovation and Excellence together on a small parcel of land? Under the leadership of Mr. Prateek Dugar; a second generation tea veteran, we all know that Pramila International has succeeded in doing so by blending tea of different origins and characters in one package of sincerity. Today Pramila International boasts of its value added manufacturing and progressive export with a vast stretch from India to oriental countries, Middle East and Europe.

Our strengths in blending teas to create a unique and consistent taste ensure that we succeed in living up to our motto of providing the ‘Cup of Excellence’.

Infinite domains of knowledge in flavour and synthesizing new elements of concern rightfully arrays us amongst the leading tea houses. Continuous innovation to qualify the preferences of our customers of all generations is our ultimate goal and what we yearn for.